Jens Saltin

Jens Saltin – Advices for the Long Distance Traveler – Conditions for a Successful Trip

Are you planning an extensive trip? The experienced traveler Jens Saltin offers tips on what to think about before departing.

Plan Ahead

– Read up in advance and go to places not everyone visits. In some ways it makes you feel like an explorer. And upon returning, you’ll have plenty of stories from places none of your friends has seen. Also, carefully consider what time of year to travel. Will it hot, cold, or rainy? Plan a rout that allows for a great deal of improvisation, so that you don’t get stuck because of inflexible decisions. Leave some things open.


– Pack as lightly as possible. Running around with heavy baggage can become a curse. Don’t worry about looking your best everywhere. Consider instead what the absolute necessities are, so that you’re mobile. It’s better to bring less and buy things along the way when the need arises. Don’t forget to back-up important documents, for example your passport and your birth certificate. If you’re traveling with someone, it’s a good idea to carry each other’s back-ups. Also make inquiries beforehand to see whether there’s a visa requirement in the country you’re planning to visit, and whether any inoculations are necessary.

Travel Company

– This is the most important thing. I’m 100 % convinced that shared joy is a double joy. Consider traveling with someone you’ve lived with or/and made shorter trips with. It’s also important to discuss your inclinations beforehand. If you want to go mountain climbing and your friend prefers to stay on the beach, there may be trouble.


– See what others recommend. Then double that sum. That way you make sure you don’t end up at places where you can’t experience things because they’re too expensive. If you don’t have enough money, make a shorter trip. However, make sure never to have too much cash on hand. In most countries, finding cash dispensers will not be a problem. Use several credit cards and make sure to keep them in different places. See more of Jens Saltin here